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Nitric Acid Concentration Plant

Nitric Acid Concentration Plant is used for the concentration of nitric acid. Industrially manufactured nitric acid is obtained as a weak acid solution, at a concentration of about 65% -67% w/w (max.), which is of no use whatsoever for the various processes stated above. Owing to the physical behaviour of the nitric acid / water system, it is not possible to remove excess water from this weak acid by a fractional distillation process because this solution forms an azeotrope, a constant acid / water boiling composition at about 68% w/w. acid. To concentrate this acid further an extractive distillation process by adding concentrated sulphuric acid needs to be employed. Whenever a solution of Nitric Acid is too weak for direct Extractive Distillation (typically below 45% -50% w/w.), it can be pre-concentrated to its azeotropic grade by vacuum fractional distillation plant.

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