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Nitric Acid Plant

Nitric Acid Plant uses synthesis by oxidizing ammonia to make nitrogen dioxide, then absorbed over a catalyst and water to form nitric acid. Atmospheric air is filtered and compressed in a centrifugal compressor, which is driven by a hot gas expander and steam turbine. Liquid ammonia is vaporized, superheated and filtered and is joined by the compressed air stream in a double mixing operation based on orificing. The combined ammonia-air mixture enters the converter where the ammonia stream ignites and burns very rapidly to form nitric oxide and water vapor. The hot reaction products and excess air leaving the converter pass through a waste heat boiler and heat exchanger to: cool the process gas before entering the cooler condenser; recover heat be the generation of steam; and recover power by heating the tail gas for use in the hot gas expander. The product acid passes through a bleacher where dissolved oxides of nitrogen are stripped from the acid using a counter current flow of air, before flowing into the storage tank.

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