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No Heat-Type Adsorption Dryer

No Heat-Type Adsorption Dryer is a selective adsorption using adsorbent characteristics of certain components, the adsorption of moisture in compressed air, in order to achieve the purpose of drying. As adsorbent to a certain time will be saturation equilibrium, must be regenerated with dry air to restore the adsorption drying capacity. No heat drying machine is used twin towers and the use of part of the drying gas itself down to near atmospheric pressure. No Heat-Type Adsorption Dryer's large capacity, ensure the exports of devices have a stable outlet dew point, able to adapt to the adsorbent aging and working load changes; key components selected domestic and international famous brands, to ensure continuous and reliable operation device; the whole machine skid-mounted out-of factory, to make the device to be advanced. No Heat-Type Adsorption Dryer's available configurations include molecular sieve, dew point switching mode, high dew point alarm, interlock, before and after the filter is installed in the machine and the liquid crystal display, configure the computer PC communication interface.

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