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PSA Oxygen Gas Generators

PSA Oxygen Gas Generators is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption technology. The main ingredient of Oxygen Plant is ZMS (ZEOLITE MOLECULAR SIEVE) and ZMS is having indefinite pores on the surface, which adsorb the molecules of nitrogen, moisture and unwanted gases from compressed air. Oxygen gas, which is not adsorbed into the surface of ZMS comes out from adsorbed tower and collects in the surge vessel. It consists of two-adsorber tower, which is filled with molecular sieves. The adsorber towers are interconnected with change over control valves, controlled by sequence timer with a standard time cycle. After every certain time cycle adsorbed tower, automatically swings and oxygen gas is produced continuously. The maximum oxygen purity level is 93-95%. Its application area includes Chemicals and Petrochemicals industries, Glass Industries etc.


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