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PWE Paddlewheel Meters

PWE Paddlewheel Meters is used for liquid flow measurement. Basic principle behind PWE meter include liquid flowing through the unit causes the paddle wheel to spin. As the magnets embedded in the paddle wheel spin past the sensor, electrical pulses are produced in which the frequency is proportional to the flow rate. The number of pulses per desired time interval and the K-factor (number of pulses/Gallon) make it is possible to calculate the flow rate and volume passing through the unit.On board CPU and signal conditioner circuitry perform accurate flow and total computation, digital communication and provide analog 0-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA output signals.PWE flow meters support various functions including: two independently programmable flow totalizers, user programmable low, high or range flow and temperature alarm, two sets of user programmable optically isolated outputs, self diagnostic alarm, flow pulse output.

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