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Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor

Quadset Refrigerant Gas Monitor is a 4-Point Centralized refrigerant Detection System. is designed to detect refrigerant leaks in enclosed areas. The Monitor utilizes a sophisticated NDIR sensor specific to any one of the commercially available refrigerants. It can monitor over a range of 0-1000ppm with a resolution threshold as low as 1ppm. The Quadset can monitor up to four locations in one of two modes of operation, diffusion or sample-draw. The Quadset is easy to install and maintain. It has a 4-line backlit LCD for refrigerant gas readings and LED indicators for relay output status. The LCD is also used for programming the system parameters via a removable keypad. Designed to act as a fixed in-situ safety monitor, the Quadset automatically operates the mechanical ventilation system of a facility upon detection of low levels of refrigerants, thereby protecting occupants, personnel and gas-sensitive goods and products. The standard Monitor has a 3-stage relay output configuration and a malfunction relay.

Acme Engineering Products Inc.

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