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Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender is made up of S.S. or M.S. material. The sides of the blender are also made up of S.S. or M.S. material. It consists of a centre shaft of appropriate diameter and is either made of S.S. or M.S. material. The centre shaft is fitted with specially designed agitator blades in order to provide contra flow action. All the material in the mixer is constantly circulated from one end to the other. In larger mixer it is provided with inner and outer ribbons Sweeps maybe added to the outer ribbon to provide through clean out. The outer ribbons move ingredients towards the discharge while the inner ribbons constantly circulated material in opposite direction. The either ends of the vessel are provided with stuffing boxes on the shaft diameter. This stuffing box prevents leakage of material and also prevents material from entering into the bearings. The shaft is supported on heavy duty pedestals. The mixer is provided with a hopper and discharge. The drive consists of a suitable gear box coupled to the motor. Ribbon Blender can be used in Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Products, Varnishes & Paints, Resins, Glues, Adhesives and Polyurethanes.

Abigail Enterprises

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