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Rising Film Evaporator

Rising Film Evaporator operates on "thermo-siphon" principle. The operation of this evaporator is straightly forward. Feed enters from the bottom of the calendria. As the liquid rises up the external heat of system or other heat source preheats and then vaporizes the feed. The vapor or steam generated during boiling helps the liquid & vapor to flow upwards and as more & more vapors are formed it presses the liquid in to a thin film on the internal surface of the tube in a form annular ring. This film rises and simultaneously up ward motion of vapor & liquid gives a turbulence in the liquid enhancing the heat transfer coefficient. The vapors and liquid formed in the calendria enter in to centrifugal cum mist separator, where the vapor rises through the top and is condensed. The concentrate falls from the bottom. Its application include in chemical, bulk drugs, intermediates, specialty chemicals, resins & petrochemicals etc.

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