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Saurus939 Vacuum Pump

Saurus939 Vacuum Pump guarantees unrivalled performance in all the main chemical and pharmaceutical processes, even in severe operating conditions. Resistance, strength and consumption of oil virtually eliminated thanks to the innovative LubriZero® system, that ensures perfect operation and optimum results with total respect for the environment. Saurus939 has no fear of aggressive and corrosive solvents, powders and condensates, nor distillation by-products. But above all it does not fear confrontation because it is manufactured to work 24 hours a day with a constant excellent performance and minimum operating costs, thanks to a low-energy motor, negligible oil consumption and easy, immediate maintenance. Powerful, efficient, but absolutely safe: Saurus939 guarantees optimum safety through the whole process and complete purity of the final product. In other words, it ensures an uncontaminated vacuum.

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