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Single Super Phosphate Plant

Single Super Phosphate Plant are known cost-effective operation and increased output. The major raw materials required are rock phosphate and sulphuric acid. The rock phosphate contains tri calcium phosphate which is insoluble in water and hence cannot be taken by the plant. The rock phosphate is reacted with dilute sulphuric acid. The product of reaction is mono calcium phosphate which is soluble in water. This soluble phosphate can be easily consumed by the plants. The measured / weighed quantity of rock phosphates is fed into lead lined & AHR tiles lined mixer, where it is neutralized with dilute sulphuric acid. For making TSP the rock is neutralized with 54% phosphoric acid. The reaction is very fast in the beginning and the material is fine slurry which thickens quickly. The material is discharged in the den where the material slowly solidifies. The den discharge is fitted with den cutter which cuts the solid cake to powder. The fluorine based gases are liberated which are sucked by ID fan and scrubbed in multi stage conventional scrubbers & venturi scrubbers. The material get cured in a few days time.

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