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SPECTROMAXx Stationary Metal Analyzer

SPECTROMAXx Stationary Metal Analyzer is used mainly for material testing in foundries and for incoming and outgoing inspections in the metal industry around the world. It determines all of the elements used in the metal industry, including metal analysis of carbon, phosphorous, sulfur and nitrogen. The seventh generation of the SPECTROMAXx arc spark OES metal analyzer comes with drastically reduced operating costs, significantly shorter measuring times and less maintenance requirements-while still offering exceptional precision and stability. And when it comes to productivity, the new SPECTROMAXx sets the benchmark. It features truly intuitive operation, with the use of toolbar buttons, a user management system, and a clear separation of operation from programming of the instrument. The measurement is controlled with clear symbols and toolbar buttons. Once a workflow has been started, only the functions that are logical at any point in time along the way are active in the control software-all other commands are hidden.

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH

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