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The Storage / Retrieval Machine (S/RM) is designed to cover large horizontal and vertical distances in a storage system. Westfalia S/RM’s are able to have precise positioning of the horizontal and vertical axis through laser and final positioning. Key Features: Standard maximum height 130 ft. (40 meters) Capacity up to 4,400 lbs for standard pallet systems (larger for parking and storage module systems). Horizontal speed vmax 900 ft./min Vertical speed vmax 400 ft./min Operates between -30F to ambient conditions Dual mast design - S/RM is perfectly balanced – no cantilevered loads Vertical carriage moved by 2 triple roller chains Load shift plates – load is safely contained even during E-stop Dual motors on each axis of motion (redundancy optional) All moving parts located near bottom for ease of maintenance Models available with separate employee lift cabin to enhance safety, comfort & flexibility for warehousing staff during preventative and periodic maintenance Center split shaft to allow quick access to bearings, sprockets Information exchange via wireless Ethernet, on same network as WMS Control platform is open architecture (Allen-Bradley or Siemens)

Westfalia Technologies, Inc.

Westfalia Technologies, Inc. 3655 Sandhurst Drive York, PA 17406


(717) 764-1115

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