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Sulphuric Acid Plant

Sulphuric Acid Plant is used for the manufacturing of sulphuric acid. At present the technologies available for the manufacture of sulfuric acid are the contact process, which is the most widely used technology and the double contact double absorption method. Beside these two another method known as the lead chamber also exist but it is too old to use and not considered a viable option. The contact process is basically the same as the DCDA (Double contact double absorption) but the procedures involved in their application are different. In the contact process sulfur is combusted in the presence of dry air to make sulfur dioxide (SO2). The sulfur dioxide obtained is made to react with the oxygen in the air to form sulfur trioxide. The next step involves concentrating the sulfur trioxide by allowing it to absorb in sulfuric acid, during this process water is added to it continuously in order to sustain the concentration. In the conventional contact process the conversion and absorption is done only once during the whole process whereas in the double contact double absorption process (DCDA) the absorption and conversion is done twice to get better results.

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