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TPT Pumps

TPT Pumps are ideal for laboratory, processing, pH control, nutrient dosing, environmental sampling functions, R&D, aggressive fluids, and OEM applications. TPT Pumps is designed with 4 roller aluminum pump head, cast bronze self-lubricating rollers,continuous duty 24 VDC brush style gear motor with internal permanent magnet,CW-OFF-CCW switch,safety shield to prevent finger contact with moving parts,lightweight 3.5 pounds,compact 5" x 4" footprint,TPT Pumps operating principle include flexible tubing, which conveys fluid from source to destination, is squeezed inside the pump head by rotating rollersagainst a rigid, crescent-shaped Occlusion Wall.The rollers induce suction in a pulsing rhythm.TPT and TPU modelsoffer adjustable occlusion for increased pressure, or decreased pressure to extend tubing life.

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