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YL9100 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

YL9100 High Performance Liquid chromatograph delivers a very stable baseline to maximize analysis up-time. One of many innovative features of the YL9100 HPLC is shielded optic design, which protects the optical components from dangerous contaminants such as fine dust or harmful gases, providing high detection sensitivity. In addition, the Seya-Namioka Monochromator and a new Blazed Holographic Concave Grating enhance light intensity, ensuring high sensitivity over the entire wavelength range. With automatic compressibility compensation minimising backflow in the pump, the YL9100 HPLC provides accurate and precise flow rates.

YL Instruments

60, Anyangcheondong-Ro, Dongan-Gu, Anyang-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 431-836, The Republic of Korea



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