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ZGE Range Horizontal Mechanical Seal Pumps

ZGE Range Horizontal Mechanical Seal Pumps consists of 28 models which can deliver flow of up to 1700m3/hour. The ZGE is the perfect pump for large scale transfer of corrosive liquids. The wetted area of the pump is moulded from thermo-plastics thus giving a superb chemical resistance. The pump body is reinforced with stainless steel thus allowing high discharge pressures to be achieved. A large variety of commercially available chemical resistant seals may be fitted to this range of pumps. The specifications are it has max flow rate up 1200m3/hr, it has material options such as Polypropylene or E-CTFE and further the temperature is up to 100°C.

Argal SA

28 Arbeid Street, StrijdomPark, Randburg, South Africa


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