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Portable Industrial Vacuum

Portable Industrial Vacuum has manual HP air control valve.It also has carbon steel construction with blue powder coat finish.


69 William St Belleville, NJ 07109 USA, , UNITED STATES


Bulk Bag Handling System

Bulk Bag Handling System is manufactured using high quality materials and modern technology to match the prevailing industry standards. Moreover, the product is widely used in chemical, pharma and plastic industries. The important features are it has advanced functionality, it has superb performance and further it has perfect finish.

Noida Fabcon Machines Pvt. Ltd.

C - 150, Sector - 63 Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India., Noida, INDIA


Bulk Bulk
Dual-Feed Sonolator

Dual-Feed Sonolator can be used with several PD pumps that meter separate phases into the Sonolator to form a superior emulsion instantly.These phase tanks, bulk storage tanks, totes, etc. are piped to the Sonolator integrated skid.

Sonic Corporation

Sonic Corp 1 Research Drive Stratford, CT 06615 United States, , UNITED STATES


Loading Arms

Loading Arms are designed to handle applications such as transferring petroleum products, asphalt, liquified gases, solvents, or hazardous, corrosive chemicals.These loading arms has feature of fully adjustable torsion spring balance mechanisms, and precision machined ball bearing swivel joints.

OPW Engineered Systems

2726 Henkle Drive, Lebanon, Ohio, USA, , UNITED STATES


Nylon Tube

Manlon Polymers- Nylon tubing / polyurethane tubes / flexible coolant pipe manufacturer- is an engineering plastics processing unit. We process different types of engineering plastics mainly Nylon-6, Nylon 66, Nylon-12, TPE and Polyurethane. We carry out extrusion as well as molding. Our extruded and molded plastic products mainly flexible Nylon tubings, PU-tubes, Coiled hoses, and Plastic coolant pipes are widely accepted by reputed customers including OEM in various fields of industries. Our motto is to provide best quality products at low price with prompt and time bound delivery.

Compost Turner

Compost Windrow Turners
Reliable, efficient, economical, low-maintenance, and long lasting. Extra-hardened, replaceable steel blades are uniquely positioned on the drum to allow for complete blending right to the base of the windrow. Material from the outside is brought inward and from the bottom to the top forming a peak position, allowing the windrow to have a chimney effect for CO2/oxygen flow.Technical support, including database calculations, online batch tracking, monitoring and consultations for making quality compost available. All machines come with one year warranty.
Composting waste is much more efficient when the compost windrow is allowed to breathe. Turning outside or in an open ended building allows for more air exposure.The waste must be exposed to sufficient oxygen in order to increase aerobic microbial activity. Turning the windrow stimulates micro organisms which break down coarse organic matter. It is important that the windrow is turned frequently and efficiently. Turning times will be determined through monitoring. Temperatures are taken with a thermometer probe. Usually more turns are required initially for the proper mixing and to activate the breakdown process. After the first two weeks when the windrow has reached it's maximum temperature less turning will be required. In the last 2 weeks even less. In total about 5-12 turns maybe required over the 6-10 week period depending on what you are composting.
If managed properly and turned sufficiently at appropriate times, rich, quality compost can be ready in as little as 6 weeks. Efficient composting gi

Allance Compost Turner Machinery Co., Ltd.

zijingshan road, zhongyuan disctrict, zhengzhou, CHINA


Auger-type Turners

Auger-type Turners–Auger-type turners are like a plow with an auger in the bucket. These turners come in different sizes and break the pile up with each turn. Some 
move the whole windrow to the side.They are often used in under-house composting in poultry operations for fly control and mixing. They are made for many different  
size facilities. 

Allance Compost Turner Machinery Co., Ltd.

zijingshan road, zhongyuan disctrict, zhengzhou, CHINA



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