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ACCEL TSMC Compressor

ACCEL TSMC Compressor is widely used in fisheries and dairies, pharmaceuticals, low temperature application etc. The benefits are it has high co-efficient of performance, it has low power bill, it is vibration free, it has longer Life, it has flexibility in mounting and further has competitive price. It has range from 2 TR to 40 TR. It can be used in low temperature applications upto (-) 45°C.

Air Control & Chemical Engineering Company Limited

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Gas Jet Compressor

Gas Jet Compressor compress gases or vapours with a large pressure differences. It is widely used in gas supply for mixing of evaporated liquid gases (propane, butane) with air, for conveying and mixing of natural gases and also used at gas storage tanks and under-ground high-pressure sensors. It is used in chemical industries at loading points for liquid mineral oil products to prevent emissions.

Koerting Engineering Pvt Ltd

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Gas Gas
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