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Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators are the most economic solution for all chemical processes where an inert gas is involved, to prevent liquids vaporization into the atmosphere, to reduce ignition risk, or simply to avoid oxidation of raw materials and various ingredients. The control of gas or vapor explosion hazards is often a necessity of the chemical process safety. The safest way to prevent explosions is to displace oxygen by inert nitrogen, for example blanketing the head space of the tanks. Nitrogen is also used to eliminate moisture during pressurizing or blanketing or inerting of storage tanks.

IGS Italia S.r.l.

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Nitrogen Nitrogen
Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generator is widely used in the applications in industries such as chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, plastic injection molding etc. Air from the Dryer is sent through the coalescing filter where the water and oil coalesce and get purged through the drain valve. Two aluminium towers filled with carbon molecular sieves are used for continuous production. The dry air passes through the aluminium tower where oxygen is adsorbed into the molecular sieve and pure nitrogen is let out. Part of the produced gas is used for regenerating the sieves.

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Nitrogen Nitrogen
Nitrogen Gas Generator

Nitrogen Gas Generator is used in sintering industry, chemical & pharmaceutical industry and food industry, the gas generator is fully automatic and is known for its very short start-up time. Furthermore, the gas generator finds wide application in metallurgy and heat treatment. Nitrogen Gas Generator requires very less maintenance required, Less start-up time.

Nitrotech Engineers

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Nitrogen Nitrogen
YJS chlorine dioxide generator

Yu Jie compound chlorine dioxide generator is the company's newly developed products, the use of sodium chlorate and hydrochloric acid as raw material, the negative pressure aeration technology, on-site preparation of chlorine dioxide-based, supplemented by chlorine disinfectant compound. Company for all kinds of applications and the different needs of the user's actions applicable, developed a series of products with complete specifications, product purity, high conversion rate, easy operation, high degree of automation of the characteristics of its product technology, stable performance, easy operation.

Shandong Yujie Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

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