Industrial Manipulators lift, transport, fragile delicate bags bobbins pails boxes
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Industrial manipulators

Industrial manipulators are used for power assisted lifting in both light and heavy industrial environments for handling payloads from 10 to 1,000 pounds. An industrial manipulator can be floor mounted, overhead mounted, or mounted on a trolley running on parallel runways or a bridge and runway system. Low noise levels and low maintenance make industrial manipulators acceptable in a wide range of handling environments. Industrial manipulators are manufactured in painted mild steel and stainless steel to 316L GMP for food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical requirements.

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Industrial Industrial
Industrial Manipulators

Industrial Manipulators are widely used in the chemical industry for the transportation of drums, bags, bobbins, pails, boxes etc. These manipulators allows to lift and handle heavy products with the greatest ease. It is equipped with suction cups tooling for the handling of one or two drums at the same time. The tooling is also able to overturn 180° of the load through a pneumatic device.

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Industrial Industrial
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