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With proper systematic approach towards a business management, it’s no cumbersome task to achieve success in your business. Chemical businesses which tend to adapt innovations & go digital have always witnessed a revolution. Smart business acumen and valuable KPI’s are factors of great success. In regards to this approach, brings one stop solution for all the problems. Powered by Xobber, our portal is introducing an elegant dashboard which eases your daily business activities to an incredible level. Our dashboard is equipped with a bunch of terrific features. It brings insightful business data at your tips & makes aware of what performs well in your chemical business & informs about the metrics at all the lagging points.

Dig deeper in all the sections below to know what’s remarkable about our dashboard.


CRM User


Register as elite member and be a super administrator of our Worldofchemicals dashboard powered by Xobber. Here is what all privileges you get as an admin:

  • Create: Allows you to add Company profile and new users.
  • Read: Permits admin to view record of all users.
  • Write: Allow to edit any users’ record or append it.
  • Deactivate: Allow to remove a record or deactivate the user profile.
  • Assign targets for your team and follow up.
  • List your products, excess stock, post jobs etc.
  • Keep track of your receivables.
  • Analyze your business performance through data representation.
  • Plan future course of actions and mark events in calendar.


Sales dashboard provides a glance of your sales performance and varied KPIs. The admin can add any combination of sales head and sales executive within the limit of 7.

Sales Head

  • Send enquiries and make sales.
  • Assign targets for your team members and gauge each executive’s performance
  • Keep track of your receivables.
  • Analyze your performance through data representation.
  • Plan future course of actions and mark events in calendar.

Sales Executives role

  • Get associated with a sales head, accomplish the targets assigned and follow up.
  • Analyze your performance through data representation
  • Keep track of your receivables.
  • Plan for next course of action and mark future events in calendar.


Manage various business purchases with the dashboard and make it quick and easy.

  • Categorize and track your purchase requirement of chemicals, equipment, transportation or storage and packaging of chemicals.
  • Keep track of the chemical procurement activities and eliminate overlapping of work.
  • Attach detailed documents of every listed product.


Get a platform to post your chemistry or chemical industry job requirement on our portal catering to job seekers with best skills and experience from worldwide.

  • Post your chemistry or chemical industry job requirements.
  • Keep track of what jobs your admin is posting and eliminate overlapping of jobs
  • Gather resumes best matching your job requirements and hire best candidate.


A dashboard delivers insightful information that allows viewing business performance at a single glance.

CRM Dashboard
  • Quick view of total enquires received.
  • Look into the top Key Performance Indicators of the Business.
  • View purchases, latest enquiries, target set, calendar events etc.

Enquiries Module

Enquiry module retains all necessary information of enquiries.

  • See the status of each enquiry, follow-up and prioritize enquiries to close more deals quicker.
  • Automatically Import all enquires received from
  • Accessible for importing and maintaining other enquires, which is received from other sources.
  • Help to identify various stages of enquiry status.
  • Allow to add & view all new and existing enquires.
  • Set the next action.
  • Store and Maintain a single cloud data access.
  • Track ongoing activities.
  • Add & view the calendar events.

Products Module

This module allows to add, manage and categorize all products you want to list on It makes listing of your product easy with in-built specifications fields.

CRM Products Module

Jobs Module

If you are looking to determine how profitable jobs will be and how profitable completed jobs have been, a job search module is necessary. Be an elite member and get a deeper understanding of your area various job requirements and hire potential candidates with appropriate skills.

Find right Jobs
  • Post jobs with the required candidature. Add skills & all criteria required.
  • View/Edit the posted jobs.
  • Direct access to find potential candidate

Target Module

Set, track and monitor sales targets for your business and sales people.

Sales Targetting with CRM

Set revenue targets for your company based on desired time periods, like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly etc.

Set sales target team-wise for any desired period.

Know the target achieved and pending to follow up with your targets.

Monitor real-time updates of sales target.

Next Action Module

Next Actions – that next move required to make your sale forward. Next Actions just got smarter with to help do the job done on right time with specific subject like meetings, email or call requests. Make wise decisions by setting next action plan. 

Next Action Plan with WOC CRM


Smart Calendar to follow Up

Smart calendar to mark every important event to stay reminded.

  • Mark & save all the necessary events at one place.
  • Schedule tasks on daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • View important tasks and important dates relevant to your business, employees, enquiries and clients.
  • Set multiple events with no hassle with a pretty comprehensive scheduler.
TIME Todays Task And Schedule
10:00 PM Call Yoshi Tannamuri
12:00 AM Meet John Doe
10:00 PM Meet Robert dues
01:00 PM Meet John Doe Bennett

My Purchases Module

It not only tracks and maintains all procurement activities data but also gives complete purchase history.

Have a detailed list of procured products & services.
Categorize procured data based on categories like Chemical, Equipment, Transportation, Storage and Packaging.
Add chemicals with all necessary properties & description.
Keep Track of all Purchase Order.
Attach detailed documents of every listed product.
Add procured data with details such as Product Name, Quantity, Description, Date, etc.

Buy Lead Module

Buy lead modules just got smarter to let you identify the trend in the market.

  • Helps to know the product demand in the market.
  • It gives end to end access to see all enquiry which is coming in to the
  • It helps to walk along with the market and generate more revenue.
  • Store & access all crucial information of enquiries.

Contact Module

Each contact gives revenue to the business. Our cloud access system helps to maintain all the clients’ details in a single place and keep the data safe.

Danial Marbury

sales head
  • Phone: 7204433938
  • Email:
  • Organization: Google

Hubert Blanford

sales head
  • Phone: 7204433938
  • Email:
  • Organization: Yahoo
  • Maintain information such as Name, Designation, Organization, Email, Phone Number, etc.
  • Upload contacts with profile picture.
  • Access contacts in alphabetic order and also within certain time frame.
  • Maintain all contacts in a single system.

Receivables Module

Flawless access to add and manage receivables from your clients.

Manage Sales Recievables with CRM
  • Have a clear view of all the receivables by the clients.
  • Update the status of the receivables.
  • Maintain the status of receivables at various stages.
  • Keep the information save related to date and amounts receivable.
  • Update payment status at each enquiry level.

Stock Clearance

Clear your non moving dead stocks with no hindrances.

Sell Unsold Ready Stock

Sell off the excess raw material, get a great price and de-clutter your warehouse.

Dispose Surplus Assets

Look around your inventory and notice ready stock. This unsold product can be put to use and generate cash for you.

Trade-off Spare Raw Materials

Instead of dumping the unused equipment in the warehouse, list it and sell it to someone who needs it..

Offload Used Process Equipment

List unused asset in the warehouse.Sell it off at a great price and recover your losses.

Data Representation

Analysis of data should be accurate and proper. got a smarter Business Intelligence tool to get your job done. This module allows making decisions pursuant to the forecasts and represents real time data. Graphical representation makes easy and simple to analyze data.

Data Analyses with WOC CRM
Graphical Representaion via CRM
Set Sales Target using WorldOfChemicals CRM Dashboard
  • Graphical representation makes data understanding easy.
  • It gives a glimpse of each converted enquiry status.
  • It saves manual analysis time.
  • Sales target graph gives analytical report comparing assigned and achieved target.

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