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Chemical Today App Advertisement

With good number of downloads, Chemical Today App brings together cutting-edge researches, international business news, opinion pieces, interviews, new product applications and analysis of government policies affecting the chemical industry.

Chemical Today app is available both in IOS and android. Advertising in the app, giving you the chance to reach your audience digitally at high volume. Chemical Today online attracts on average plenty of visitors a month.

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Our Reach

Chemical Today App has tremendous number of readership. The App has been well received by the industry and the academia alike. Our readers consist of a wide gamut right from the top decision-making groups of major companies like the CEOs, MDs, Technology Heads, etc. to the leaders of tomorrow including PhDs and researchers from top universities across the world.

Also Chemical Today TV is one such platform where videos of your interviews with our editorial experts will reach millions giving you an opportunity to reach your audience.

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Senior Mangers

Chemical Today App and Chemical Today TV has been consistently covering the opinions and views of top company and association officials including the CEOs, CFOs, MDs, Technology Heads. Their opinions on industry’s growth, technological trends and market matters can help shape the industry’s dynamics. Over 70 % of our readers are the decision makers of the industry.


Chemical Today believes in bringing in an amalgamation of technological knowledge from the industry and academia alike making this App ​ reflect the technologies being used today in the industry and technological opportunities that the best researchers across the globe is carving out for the future. With the range of academic researches from global universities published, Chemical Today is increasingly being sought after by the academia across the world making them one of our leading subscribers.

Chemical user industry

Chemical Today App follows the motto of being By the Industry, For the industry. With the range of interviews, detailed authored articles by industry, this App truly is the voice of the chemical industry. This niche yet detailed coverage of the industry gives you the perfect gateway to meet your specific target audience.

Researchers & analysts in industry

Market analysts quantify the growth of the industry and are one of our major readers. Our App gives them the perfect destination to understand the industry trends.

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