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Chemistry Research Papers

[3 + 2] versus [2 + 2] Addition: A Density Functional Theory Study on the Mechanistic Aspects of Transition Metal-Assisted Formation of 1,2-Dinitrosoalkanes

Author(s): Ernest Opoku, Richard Tia and Evans Adei
Journal: Journal of Chemistry
Published On: 25-12-2016

The pathways for the transition metal-assisted formation of 1,2-dinitrosoalkane complexes of cobalt and its congeners, have been studied using DFT/M06 with the LACVP* basis set. The activation barrier....

Photocatalytic Cement by TiO2 Addition

Author(s): Pradeepan Periyat, A.S. Divya, K.G.K. Warrier
Journal: Materials Science Forum
Published On: 27-02-2012

Photocatalytically active TiO2 and silica doped TiO2 (Si-TiO2) synthesised using an aqueous sol-gel method and is characterised by particle size analysis, XRD, diffuse reflectance spectra and BET meas....

“Microwave mediated combinatorial synthesis of 1-aryl-3, 4-diaroylpyrazoles from 3-arylsydnones and 1,2-diaroylacetylenes”

Author(s): Barthasarathy, H.S.P Rao
Journal: Indian journal of heterocyclic chemistry
Published On: 16-12-2007

Pyrazoles remains of great interest due to the wide applications of such heterocycles in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry. Pyrazole derivatives have a long history of application in agroch....

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