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1-Ethoxypropan-2-Ol Properties


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1-Ethoxypropan-2-Ol is used in the manufacture of lacquers, paints, leather finishes, wood stains, furniture polishes, inks, and cleaning products. It is also used as an antifreeze, an extractant in the pharmaceutical industry, a solvent to regulate flow, and in agricultural, nail care, and adhesive products.

Chemical Properties

CAS Number 1569-02-4,52125-53-8
EINECS Number 216-374-5
InChI 1S/C5H12O2/c1-3-7-4-5(2)6/h5-6H,3-4H2,1-2H3
Molar Mass 104.15 g/mol
Molecular Formula C5H12O2
RTECS Number UB5250000
Synonyms Ethoxy Propanol;PGEE;1-Ethoxy-2-Propanol;2-Hydroxypropylethylether;2-propanol, 1-ethoxy-
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