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1,1-Difluoroethane Properties


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1,1-Difluoroethane is a organofluorine compound.It is produced by the mercury-catalyzed addition of hydrogen fluoride to acetylene.It is used as a refrigerant.

Chemical Properties

Boiling Point -25 °C
CAS Number 75-37-6
Density 2.70 g/l
EINECS Number 200-866-1
InChI 1S/C2H4F2/c1-2(3)4/h2H,1H3
Main Hazards Inhalation of concentrated gas will cause suffocation. Contact with liquid can damage eyes because of low temperature.
Melting Point -117 °C
Molar Mass 66.05 g/mol
Molecular Formula C2H4F2
Synonyms Difluoroethane; Ethylidene Difluoride;Ethylidene Fluoride;1,1-Difluoro-Ethane
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