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1,4-Dichloro-2-butene Properties




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Chemical Properties

Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Boiling Point 155.5 °C
CAS Number 764-41-0
Density 1.126 g/ml
IUPAC Name 1,4-Dichloro-2-butene
InChI 1S/C4H6Cl2/c5-3-1-2-4-6/h1-2H,3-4H2
Melting Point 1-3 °C
Molar Mass 124.996g/mol
Molecular Formula C4H6Cl2
Synonyms 1,4-Dichloro-2-butylene;NSC 9452;1,4-Dichloro-2-Butene(mixture of cis and trans);2-Butene, 1,4-dichloro-;1,4-Dichlorobutene-2 ; 2-Butene, 1,4-dichloro- ; 2-Butylene dichloride ; RCRA waste number U074;
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