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2,6,10,14-Tetramethylpentadecane Properties


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2,6,10,14-Tetramethylpentadecane is a natural saturated terpenoid alkane obtained primarily from shark liver oil.It is used in research to understand the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.It is also used as a lubricant, a transformer oil, an immunologic adjuvant, and an anti-corrosion agent, biological marker, plasmocytomas inducer and in production of monoclonal antibodies.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colourless Liquid
Boiling Point 68 °C
CAS Number 1921-70-6
Density 0.783 g/ml
IUPAC Name 2,6,10,14-Tetramethylpentadecane
InChI 1S/C19H40/c1-16(2)10-7-12-18(5)14-9-15-19(6)13-8-11-17(3)4/h16-19H,7-15H2,1-6H3
Melting Point -99 °C
Molar Mass 268.52 g/mol
Molecular Formula C19H40
RTECS Number RZ1880000
Refractive 1.438 n20/D
Synonyms Norphytane