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4-Methyl-1-Pentene Properties


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4-Methyl-1-pentene is used as a monomer for olefin polymerisation.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colorless Liquid
Boiling Point 62.81 °C
CAS Number 691-37-2
Class 3
Density 0.68 g/cm3
EINECS Number 211-720-1
IUPAC Name 4-Methyl-1-Pentene
InChI 1S/C6H12/c1-3-5-6-4-2/h3H,1,4-6H2,2H3
Main Hazards Highly Flammable;Harmful
Melting Point -155 °C
Molar Mass 84.15 g/mol
Molecular Formula C6H12
NFPA 704 H-2;F-4;R-1;C-NA
PG 2
Refractive 1.38 n20/D
Solubility Insoluble
Synonyms (Ch3)2chch2ch=Ch2;1-Pentene,4-Methyl-;Isobutylethene;Iso-Butylethylene;L-Iso-Hexene;4-Methylpentene-1
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