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5-Cholesten-3b-ol Properties


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Molecule Structure Image



5-Cholesten-3b-ol is an organic chemical substance classified as a waxy steroid of fat. It is an essential structural component of mammalian cell membranes and is required to establish proper membrane permeability and fluidity. In addition, 5-cholesten-3b-ol is an important component for the manufacture of bile acids, steroid hormones, and vitamin D. It is the principal sterol synthesized by animals, predominantly in the liver; however, small quantities can be synthesized in other eukaryotes such as plants and fungi. It is almost completely absent among prokaryotes, i.e. bacteria. Although cholesterol is important and necessary for the aforementioned biological processes, high levels of cholesterol in the blood have been linked to damage to arteries and cardiovascular disease.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White Crystalline Powder
Boiling Point 360 °C
CAS Number 57-88-5
ChEBI 16113
Density 1.052 g/cm3
EINECS Number 200-353-2
HS Code 290613000
IUPAC Name (3β)-​Cholest-​5-​en-​3-​ol
InChI 1S/C27H46O/c1-18(2)7-6-8-19(3)23-11-12-24-22-10-9-20-17-21(28)13-15-26(20,4)25(22)14-16-27(23,24)5/h9,18-19,21-25,28H,6-8,10-17H2,1-5H3/t19-,21+,22+,23-,24+,25+,26+,27-/m1/s1
Melting Point 148-150 °C
Molar Mass 386.65 g/mol
Molecular Formula C27H46O
NFPA 704 H-1,F-1,R-0,C-NA
RTECS Number FZ8400000
Solubility 0.095 mg/l
Synonyms (3β)-​Cholest-​5-​en-​3-​ol;Cholest-5-en-3-ol(3b)-;Cholesterol;5:6-Cholesten-3b-ol;Cholest-5-en-3b-ol;Cholesterin;Cholesteryl Alcohol;Dythol;Lidinit;Lidinite;NSC 8798;Provitamin D;D5-Cholesten-3b-ol;(10R,​13R)-​10,​13-​Dimethyl-​17-​(6-​methylheptan-​2-​yl)-​2,​3,​4,​7,​8,​9,​11,​12,​14,​15,​16,​17-​dodecahydro-​1H-​cyclopenta​[a]phenanthren-​3-​ol
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