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5-Cyano-2,3-Ditolyltetrazolium Properties


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Cyanoditolyl Tetrazolium Chloride has been used to measure the redox activity of tumor cells. It has also been employed for direct epifluorescent microscopic enumeration of respiring bacteria in food samples and environmental samples, especially water samples.

Chemical Properties

Boiling Point 416.7 °C
CAS Number 102568-47-8
InChI 1/C16H15N5.ClH/c1-12-3-7-14(8-4-12)20-18-16(11-17)19-21(20)15-9-5-13(2)6-10-15;/h3-10H,1-2H3,(H,18,19);1H
Molar Mass 311.77g/mol
Molecular Formula C16H16ClN5
Synonyms Ctc; Cyanoditolyl Tetrazolium Chloride; 5-Cyano-2,3-Bis(4-Methylphenyl)-2h-Tetrazolium Chloride; 5-Cyano-2,3-Di-(P-Tolyl)Tetrazolium Chloride; 5-Cyano-2,3-Ditolyl Tetrazolium Chloride; 5-Cyano-2,3-Ditolyltetrazolium; 5-Cyano-2,3-Di-4-Tolyltetrazolium Chloride
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