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a-Naphthylamine Properties


a-Naphthylamine 3D Molecular Structure-Molecule 3D Struture
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a-Naphthylamine Molecular Structure-Molecule Struture
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a-Naphthylamine is an aromatic amine derived from naphthalene.It crystallizes in colorless needles which melt at 50 °C.It possesses a disagreeable odor, sublimes readily, and turns brown on exposure to air.a-Naphthylamine is the precursor to a variety of dyes.It can be prepared by reducing 1-nitronaphthalene with iron and hydrochloric acid at about 70 °C. After the reaction mixture is neutralized with milk of lime, the naphthylamine steam-distilled.a-Naphthylamine can also be prepared, in the form of its acetyl derivative, by heating 1-naphthol with sodium acetate, ammonium chloride and acetic acid; by heating 1-naphthol with calcium chloride-ammonia to 270 °C; and by heating pyromucic acid, aniline, zinc chloride and lime to 300 °C.

Chemical Properties

AR Assay 99.0%
Appearance White or yellow crystalline
Boiling Point 301 °C
CAS Number 134-32-7
ChEBI 50450
Density 1.114 g/mL
EINECS Number 205-138-7
HS Code 292145009
IUPAC Name Naphthalen-1-amine
LR Assay 99.0%
Lab Grade LR;AR
Melting Point 47-50 °C
Molar Mass 143.19g/mol
Molecular Formula C10H9N
RTECS Number QM1400000
Refractive 1.6703
Solubility 0.1698 g/100 ml
Synonyms 1-Naphthylamine;1-Aminonaphthalene;1-Naphthalamine;Fast Garnet Base B;Naphthalen-1-ylamine; Naphthalidam;Naphthalidine;a-Aminonaphthalene;a-Naphthylamine;α-Naphthylamine