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ABC 1106A-F Liquid Acid Cleaner Properties

ABC 1106A-F Liquid Acid Cleaner



ABC 1106A-F Liquid Acid Cleaner is a concentrated liquid acid cleaner and descaler formulated to remove rust, oil, and laser welding scale on steel products. ABC 1106A-F is effective on aluminum as well, to remove welding marks and buildup. ABC 1106A-F is recommended for all steel parts requiring in process rust removal, brightening, or scale removal. ABC 1106A-F is a high temperature, high performance version of ABC 1106. ABC 1106A-F is a heavy duty acid cleaner and should be used on steel, cast iron, or aluminum parts in dunk or soak tanks. It is not recommended for use on galvanized, brass, or bronze parts. It may be used as part of a five or seven stage wash process prior to painting or coating parts. ABC 1106A-F contains a high level of surfactants and may be used to clean parts with heavy oil or soil loads. It is effective in removing welding scale and slag from laser welded parts. ABC 1106A-F contains a rust inhibitor to reduce attack on base metal. Use ABC 1106A-F for difficult cleaning duties at 12 – 20% and 170°F. ABC 1106A-F wash stage should be followed by a tap water rinse stage.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Clear light gold liquid