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ABHITAN PCS Properties




ABHITAN PCS is a greenish powder which dissolves readily in water giving clear solution that is stable in all concentration. Being a combination tanning agent, ABHITAN PCS possesses variety of properties. Apart from producing tight grain ABHITAN PCS gives soft handle.ABHITAN PCS when used alone produces white and tight leather. ABHITAN PCS effects a rapid penetration and a substantial acceleration of the subsequent vegetable and synthetic tannage. ABHITAN PCS when used as a retanning agent for E.I. tanned or chrome tanned skins give extremely soft handle and fills up the leather without loading the grain.ABHITAN PCS has a shelf life of 12 months if it is stored in its tightly sealed original packing at temperatures of less than 40°C. Bags should be tightly closed each time after taking the material for use.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Greenish powder
pH Value 2.5-3.0
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