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Acetamiprid Properties


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Acetamiprid is an organic compound. It is an odorless neonicotinoid insecticide. It is systemic and intended to control sucking insects on crops such as leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, pome fruits, grapes, cotton, cole crops, and ornamental plants. It is also a key pesticide in commercial cherry farming due to its effectiveness against the larvae of the cherry fruit fly.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White powder
Brand Name Assail;Pristine;Chipco
CAS Number 135410-20-7
Density 1.17 g/cm3
IUPAC Name N-[(6-Chloro-3-Pyridyl)Methyl]-N'-Cyano-N-Methyl-Acetamidine
InChI 1S/C10H11ClN4/c1-8(14-7-12)15(2)6-9-3-4-10(11)13-5-9/h3-5H,6H2,1-2H3/b14-8+
Melting Point 98.9 °C
Molar Mass 222.68g/mol
Molecular Formula C10H11ClN4
RTECS Number KJ4235200
Synonyms (1E)-N-[(6-Chlor-3-Pyridinyl)Methyl]-N'-Cyan-N-Methylethanimidamid;N-[(6-Chloro-3-Pyridyl)Methyl]-N'-Cyano-N-Methyl-Acetamidine;Acetamiprid;Ethanimidamide,N-[(6-Chloro-3-Pyridinyl)- Methyl]-N'-Cyano-N-Methyl-,(1E)- uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X