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Acid Black 2 Properties

Acid Black 2

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Acid Black 2 is used in dying of leather, wood and textiles. It is used in the manufacture of ink, shoe polish cream, carbon paper and toners.It is also used in compounding resins include phenolic resins, styrenics, polyamides and urea resins.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Black Crystals Or Powder
CAS Number 8005-03-6
Chemical Composition Sodium hydroxide;Sulfuric acid; Aniline;Nitrobenzene;Cresol;Nitrophenol
Molar Mass 616.4 g/mol
RTECS Number GC4762250
Solubility Soluble
Synonyms Nigrosine(6ci);Adc Nigrosine Black B;Acid Black Wr;Acid Nigrosine;C.I.50420;Calco Nigrosine O 2p;Dinacid Nigrosine Ws;LurazolDeepblue;Nigrosin;Nigrosine(Crystals)Nbl(Blush);Nigrosine(Crystals)Nbl(Reddish);Nigrosinecbrs;Nigrosine Crystals;Nigrosine Ms;Nigrosine Nb;Nubian Black Ep5;Nubian Black Pa 9801;Nubian Black Pa9803 uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X