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Acid Thickening Agent Properties

Acid Thickening Agent



Acid Thickening Agent is always one of the main method to increase productivity in the oil drilling industry. Applying the basic principle of the corrosive and dissolution characteristics of acid agents,polyacrylamide acid thickening agent will perform to restore or improve the permeability of the rock cement, formation pore and fracture. The addition of acid thickener can improve the viscosity of acid, reduce the activity of acid diffusion velocity, increase acid penetrate distance, slow down the acid rock reaction time, increase the width of the cracks, improve the acidizing effect to achieve the optimal goal of improvement in permeability.Acid Thickening Agent is a homo-polymerization type cationic polymer appeared in white amorphous powder form. It is an agent with high polymerization conversion rate, high molecular weight fast dissolve properties and good resistant to high temperature.

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