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Allylsilicone Trichloride Properties

Allylsilicone Trichloride

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Allylsilicone Trichloride is a kind of pale yellow liquid with colorless and irritant smell. Allylsilicone Trichloride flash point is 95°F. It is corrosive to metals and tissue. Allylsilicone Trichloride is used to compose organic silicone intermediates and polymers.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Pale Yellow Liquid
Boiling Point 116 oC
CAS Number 107-37-9
Density 1.625g/cm3
IUPAC Name Trichloro(Prop-2-en-1-yl)Silane
InChI 1S/C3H5Cl3Si/c1-2-3-7(4,5)6/h2H,1,3H2
Main Hazards Inhalation of allylsilicone trichloride vapor irritates mucous membranes. Liquid of allylsilicone trichloride causes severe burns of eyes and skin and severe internal burns if ingested.
Molar Mass 175.52g/mol
Molecular Formula C3H5Cl3Si
RTECS Number VV1530000
Refractive 1.443 n20/D
Synonyms 3-Trichlorosilylpropene;Allyltrichlorosilane;Trichloroallylsilane;Allyl Trichlorosilane, Stabilized;Allylsiliconetrichloride;Allyltrichloro-Silan