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Aluminium Sulfide Properties

Aluminium Sulfide

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Aluminium Sulfide is an inorganic chemical compound. Aluminium Sulfide is sensitive to moisture, hydrolyzing readily to hydrated aluminium oxides/hydroxides.It can decompose in an oxidizing environment to release sulfur dioxide gas.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Gray Solid
Boiling Point 1500°C
CAS Number 1302-81-4
Density 2.02 g/cm3
InChI 1S/2Al.3S/q2*+3;3*-2
Melting Point 1100°C
Molar Mass 150.158 g/mol
Molecular Formula Al2S3
NFPA 704 H-4,F-0,R-2,C-NA
Synonyms Aluminium Sulphide