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Ammonium oxalate Properties

Ammonium oxalate

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Ammonium Oxalate is an oxalate salt with ammonium. It is a colorless salt under standard conditions and is odorless and non-volatile. It is a constituent of some types of kidney stone.

Chemical Properties

AR Assay 99.5-101.0%
Boiling Point 70°C
CAS Number 1113-38-8
HS Code 291711000
LR Assay 99.0%
Lab Grade LR;AR
Main Hazards Ingestion or excessive inhalation of ammonium oxalate dust causes systemic poisoning. Contact with eyes ammonium oxalate causes irritation. Contact with skin ammonium oxalate causes irritation of severe burns.
Molar Mass 142.11 g/mol
Molecular Formula C2H10N2O5
Solubility 45g/l
Synonyms Diammonium Oxalate;Diammonium Ethanedioate;Ethanedioic Acid Diammonium Salt;Oxalic Acid Diammonium Salt uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X