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Ammonium Sulphate Properties

Ammonium Sulphate

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Ammonium sulphate is an inorganic salt with a number of commercial uses. The most common use is as a soil fertilizer. It contains 21% nitrogen as ammonium cations, and 24% sulfur as sulfate anions. In fertilizer the purpose of the sulfate is to reduce the soil pH.It is also used as an agricultural spray adjuvant for water soluble insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides.It is also used in the preparation of other ammonium salts.In biochemistry, ammonium sulfate precipitation is a common method for purifying proteins by precipitation.Ammonium sulphate is also a food additive.It has also been used in flame retardant compositions acting much like Diammonium phosphate. As a flame retardant, it lowers the combustion temperature of the material, decreases maximum weight loss rates, and causes an i

Chemical Properties

AR Assay 99.5%
Appearance Fine white hygroscopic granules or crystals
CAS Number 7783-20-2
Chemical Composition Sulfuric acid ;Ammonium hydroxide; Ammonia;Activated carbon;Sulphur;Cyclohexanone oxime
Density 1.769 g/cm3
EINECS Number 231-984-1
HS Code 31022100
IUPAC Name Ammonium sulfate
InChI 1S/2H3N.H2O4S/c;;1-5(2,3)4/h2*1H3;(H2,1,2,3,4)
LR Assay 99%
Lab Grade LR;AR
Melting Point 235-280 °C
Molar Mass 132.14 g/mol
Molecular Formula (NH4)2SO4
NFPA 704 H-2,F-1,R-0,C-NA
Other_Cations Sodium sulfate;
Potassium sulfate
RTECS Number BS4500000
Refractive n20/D 1.396
Related Compounds Ammonium iron(II) sulfate
Solubility 74.4 g/100 ml
Synonyms Ammonium sulfate (2:1);
Diammonium sulfate;
Sulfuric acid diammonium salt;
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