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Antimony Pentoxide Properties

Antimony Pentoxide

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Antimony Pentoxide is a chemical compound of antimony and oxygen. It is used as a Flame retardant in ABS and other plastics,rubber a flocculant in the production of titanium dioxide.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Yellow Powdery Solid
CAS Number 1314-60-9
Density 3.78 g/cm3
EINECS Number 215-237-7
HS Code 2825000
InChI InChI=1S/5O.2Sb
LR Assay 87%
Lab Grade LR
Melting Point 380°C
Molar Mass 323.5 g/mol
Molecular Formula Sb2O5
RTECS Number CC6300000
Synonyms Antimony (V) Oxide; Antimony Oxide, Penta; Antimony Oxide; Antimony Pentoxide; A1530(Metaloxide); A1550; A2550; Ago40