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Antioxidant DTPD (3100) Properties

Antioxidant DTPD (3100)



Antioxidant DTPD (3100) which can be classified in p-phenlene antioxidants groups, is excellent antiozonant to chloroprene rubber. It is the effective antioxidant used in the tire industry and also widely used for rubber products. It is particularly suitable for truck tire, cross country tire, diagonal tire and radial ply tire which is used in hard circumstance. Antioxidant DTPD (3100) can also correct the fault that tire become red on the account of antioxidant 4010 and 4020.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Brownish-gray Granules
Chemical Composition N,N?-ditoly-p-phene diamine mixde
Synonyms DTPD (3100) Rubber Antioxidants