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Arachidonic acid Properties

Arachidonic acid

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Arachidonic acid (AA, sometimes ARA) is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. It is the counterpart to the saturated arachidic acid found in peanut oil, Arachidonic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is present in the phospholipids (especially phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylinositides) of membranes of the body's cells, and is abundant in the brain and muscles.

Chemical Properties

Appearance liquid
Boiling Point 169-171 °C0.15 mm Hg(lit.)
CAS Number 506-32-1
ChEBI 15843
Chemical Composition Etanol-->Hydrochloric Acid-->Potassium Hydroxide -->Zinc-->Bromide-->Methyl Arachidonate
Density 0.922 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
IUPAC Name all-cis-5,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoic acid
Melting Point ?49 °C(lit.)
Molar Mass 304.5 g/mol
Molecular Formula C20H32O2
NFPA 704 H-2, F-1, R-1, C-NA
RTECS Number CE6675000
Refractive n20/D 1.4872(lit.)
Solubility Practically Insoluble
Synonyms (5z,8z,11z,14z)-5,8,11,14-Icosatetraenoic Acid;(All-Z)-5,8,11,14-Eicosatetraenoic Acid;(All-Z)-5,8,11,14-Eicosatetraenoicacid;5,8,11,14-Eicosatetraenoic Acid, (All-Z)-;Arachidonate;5,8,11,14-All-Cis-Eicosatetraenoic Acid;5,8,11,14-Eicosatetraenoic Acid;5,8,11,14-Eicosatetrenoic Acid uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X