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Atazanavir Properties


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Atazanavir is an antiretroviral drug of the protease inhibitor (PI) class. It is used to treat infection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Atazanavir is the first PI approved for once-daily dosing, and also appears to be less likely to cause lipodystrophy and elevated cholesterol as side effects.Atazanavir selectively inhibits the virus-specific processing of viral Gag and Gag-Pol polyproteins in HIV-1 infected cells by binding to the active site of HIV-1 protease, thus preventing the formation of mature virions. Atazanavir is not active against HIV-2.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Crystalline Solid
Brand Name Reyataz;Latazanavir;Zrivada
CAS Number 198904-31-3
ChEBI 37924
Density 1.178 g/cm3
IUPAC Name Dimethyl (3S,8S,9S,12S)-9-benzyl-3,12-di-tert-butyl-8-hydroxy-4,11-dioxo-6-[4-(2-pyridyl)benzyl]-2,5,6,10,13-pentaazatetradecanedioate
InChI 1S/C38H52N6O7/c1-37(2,3)31(41-35(48)50-7)33(46)40-29(22-25-14-10-9-11-15-25)30(45)24-44(43-34(47)32(38(4,5)6)42-36(49)51-8)23-26-17-19-27(20-18-26)28-16-12-13-21-39-28/h9-21,29-32,45H,22-24H2,1-8H3,(H,40,46)(H,41,48)(H,42,49)(H,43,47)/t29-,30-,31+,32+/m0/s1
Melting Point 207-209 °C
Molar Mass 704.87 g/mol
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