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Barite Properties




Barite is predominantly a mineral consisting of barium sulfate. Barite is used to increase the density of all types of drilling fluids, and is chemically inert to all drilling fluid a large number of depositional environments, and is deposited through a large number of processes including biogenic, hydrothermal, and evaporation, among others. Barite commonly occurs in lead-zinc veins in limestones, in hot spring deposits, and with hematite ore. It is often associated with the minerals anglesite and celestine. It has also been identified in meteorites. Barite's other uses are in added-value applications which include filler in paint and plastics, sound reduction in engine compartments, coat of automobile finishes for smoothness and corrosion resistance, friction products for automobiles and trucks, radiation-shielding cement, glass ceramics and medical applications.

Chemical Properties

EINECS Number 236-664-5
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