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Beeswax Properties




Beeswax is commonly used to produce candles, waxed paper, medicine gels and polish agents, etc. It is also used as a coating for cheese, to protect the food as it ages. Beeswax is used in Eastern Europe in egg decoration. It is also used by percussionists to make a desired surface on tambourines for thumb rolls and also used in cosmetic industries.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Yellow To White Pieces
CAS Number 8012-89-3
Density 0.950gcm3
Melting Point 61.5°C
Refractive 1.485n/D
Synonyms Apifil;Aquacer 560; Bws 30; Bee, Wax; Beeswax S; Beeswax Bleached (White), Synthetic619; Beeswax, White; Bleached Beeswax, Synthetic 776; Bleached Yellow Wax; Co100; Cera Alba; Cerabeil White 1; E 901; Golden Brand; Golden Brand Powder;Honeybee, Wax; Refined Bees Wax; Sp 6p; Sasolv 250; Syetex T 190; Waxes, Bees; Yellow Beeswax; Yellow Wax uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X