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Beeswax Properties




Beeswax is commonly used to produce candles, waxed paper, medicine gels and polish agents, etc. It is also used as a coating for cheese, to protect the food as it ages. Beeswax is used in Eastern Europe in egg decoration. It is also used by percussionists to make a desired surface on tambourines for thumb rolls and also used in cosmetic industries.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Yellow To White Pieces
CAS Number 8012-89-3
Density 0.950gcm3
Melting Point 61.5°C
Refractive 1.485n/D
Synonyms Apifil;Aquacer 560; Bws 30; Bee, Wax; Beeswax S; Beeswax Bleached (White), Synthetic619; Beeswax, White; Bleached Beeswax, Synthetic 776; Bleached Yellow Wax; Co100; Cera Alba; Cerabeil White 1; E 901; Golden Brand; Golden Brand Powder;Honeybee, Wax; Refined Bees Wax; Sp 6p; Sasolv 250; Syetex T 190; Waxes, Bees; Yellow Beeswax; Yellow Wax