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Bismuth Nitrate Pentahydrate Properties

Bismuth Nitrate Pentahydrate

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Bismuth nitrate pentahydrate is an excellent oxidant for a variety of 4-substituted Hantzsch 1,4-dihydropyridines. Also, a convenient reagent for selective oxidation of sufides to sulfoxides.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White Crystal
Boiling Point 75-80 °C
CAS Number 10035-06-0
Class 5.1
Density 2.83 g/cm3
EINECS Number 233-791-8
HS Code 283422000
InChI 1S/Bi.3NO3.5H2O/c;3*2-1(3)4;;;;;/h;;;;5*1H2/q+3;3*-1;;;;;
Melting Point 30 °C
Molar Mass 485.07 g/mol
Molecular Formula BiH10N3O14
NFPA 704 H-2,F-0,R-0,C-NA
PG 2
RTECS Number EB2984430
Synonyms Bismuth Nitrate Pentahydrate;Nitric Acid, Bismuth(3+) Salt, Pentahydrate;Bismuth Nitrate Pentahydrate;Bismuth Trinitrate Pentahydrate;Bismuth(III) Nitrate Pentahydrate