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Butyl Propionate Properties

Butyl Propionate

Butyl Propionate Molecular Structure-Molecule 3D Struture
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Butyl Propionate Molecular 3D Structure-Molecule Struture
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Butyl Propionate is a non-HAP, slow evaporating, and urethane grade solvent with good solvent activity for most coating resins. In lacquers and ambient cure enamels, this solvent is used as a retarder solvent. Its slow evaporation rate allows for flow and leveling but does not prevent the quick rubbing and sanding of the lacquer. It is useful as a letdown solvent because of its low volatility, good solvent activity, and urethane grade quality.

Chemical Properties

Boiling Point 145 ºC
CAS Number 590-01-2
Density 0.88 g/cm3
IUPAC Name butyl propanoate
InChI 1S/C7H14O2/c1-3-5-6-9-7(8)4-2/h3-6H2,1-2H3
Melting Point -75 ºC
Molar Mass 130.19 g/mol
Molecular Formula C7H14O2
RTECS Number UE8245000
Refractive 0.87 n/D
Solubility Poor
Synonyms Propionicacid, butyl ester (6CI,8CI);Butyl propanoate;Butyl Propionate;NSC 8449;n-Butyl propanoate;n-Butyl propionate