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Butyl Titanate Properties

Butyl Titanate



Butyl Titanate is used to esterification exchange reaction, lacquer,high temperature proof paint,adhesion agent.It is also used as catalyst to condensation reaction, surface modifider,adhesion promoter and scrath resistant glass.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colourless to Light Yellow Viscous Liquid
Boiling Point 310-314 °C
CAS Number 5593-70-4
Density 1.00 g/ml
EINECS Number 227-006-8
Melting Point -55 °C
Molar Mass 388.189 g/mol
Molecular Formula C16H36O4Ti2
Synonyms Butyl Titanate Monomer;Tetra-N-Butyl Titanate;N-Butyl Titanate;Tetrabutyl Orthotitanate;Titanium Tetrabutoxide;Titan(IV)-Butoxide;Titanium(IV)Butoxide;Tetrabutyl Titanate
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