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Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate Properties

Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate

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Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate is a mixture of variable proportions of sodium (2R,3R)-2-(2,2-dichloroacetamido)-3-hydroxy-3-(4-nitrophenyl)-propyl succinate and sodium (1R,2R)-2-(2,2-dichloroacetamido)-3-hydroxy-1-(4-nitrophenyl) propyl succinate. It also acts as prodrug. It is effective in treating infections caused by organisms susceptible to its antimicrobial effects when less potentially hazardous therapeutic agents are ineffective or contraindicated.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White Powder
Boiling Point 716.3°C
CAS Number 982-57-0
EINECS Number 213-568-1
InChI 1S/C15H16Cl2N2O8/c16-14(17)15(24)18-10(7-27-12(22)6-5-11(20)21)13(23)8-1-3-9(4-2-8)19(25)26/h1-4,10,13-14,23H,5-7H2,(H,18,24)(H,20,21)/t10-,13-/m1/s1
Molar Mass 445.18 g/mol
Molecular Formula C15H15Cl2N2NaO8 uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X